Twenty-Six / 12

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To Your Door
The Random and the Reason
Dark Seas
I Hope I'll See You in Heaven
New Leaves
The Light of Setting Suns

To Your Door
Music: Alistair Murphy
Lyrics: Alistair Murphy / Diana Hare

The Random and the Reason
Words & Music: Alistair Murphy

I Hope I'll See You In Heaven
Words & Music: Larry Norman

Dark Seas
Music: Alistair Murphy
Words, vocal arrangement and melodies: Diana Hare

New Leaves Music: Alistair Murphy

The Light of Setting Suns Music: Alistair Murphy Words: William Wordsworth

Sung by Alistair Murphy and Diana Hare

Alistair Murphy: Piano and Keyboards (except track 5)
Mark Fletcher: Upright Bass (1,2,4,6)
Bass Guitar (1,3 & 4)
Jez Salmon: Guitar (tracks 1 - 4)
Steve Bingham: Violin (all tracks)
Viola (1 - 3)
Bass Electric Violin (1 - 4)
Laurie A'Court: Tenor and Alto Saxophones (1 & 2)
Rich Nolan: Drums (1 & 2)
Ian Burrage: Drums (3 & 4)

Charles Hine: Clarinet (3)
Brenda Stewart: Violas (6)
Joshua Lynch: Cellos (6)
And introducing on Tubular Bells... Lord Phillip of Toms

Foursight (5)
Victoria Samek: Clarinet
Chris Brannick: Vibes
Adrian Sutcliffe: Piano
Steve Bingham: Violin

The Ely Sinfonia (3)Conducted by Steve Bingham
First Violins: Sean Rock, John Richards, Roz Chalmers
Second Violins: Mel Rose, Sally Merson, Melanie Siddall, Chris Moule
Violas: Bob Ellis, Becky Brown, Katy Baker, Evan Turner
Cellos: April Bowman, Joan Marchbank, Rachel Mycock, Sally Parnell, Dave Mcleish
Bass: John Chalmers, Phil Toms
All arrangements byAlistair Murphy
except Phil Toms: String arrangements (2 & 3) and Clarinet arrangement (3) Tape Op: Harley

Mastered by Jacob Holm-Lupo at Dude Ranch Studio
Artwork - Dee Anaïs Graphics
Produced by the Curator

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