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2014. The Curator Albums, Inside the Whale & Sometime Soon, Half Life albums, Walking Out To The Wall and Storm Damage plus Islands by Alistair Murphy and the two Terry Stamp collaborations all available at the Amazon Cromerzone Shop. All albums shipped directly from Cromerzone. Alternatively the same albums are also available from the very fine Burning Shed.

Now available here: Inside the Whale and Other Stories the follow up to Sometime Soon. It features Mark Fletcher, Diana Hare, Pat Mastelotto, Steve Bingham, Jeremy Salmon, Harry Fletcher, Phil Toms, the Ely Sinfonia and others. Having tasted the wonderful multiple violin overdubs of Steve Bingham on Sometime Soon I wanted more of these textures. Bored of shiny digital string samples almost as soon as I had first heard them in nineteen-eighty-sometime, I recently set out with Steve and string arranger Phil Toms on the road to orchestral heaven. With Phil slipping the tadpoles on the telegraph lines and he and Steve caught in huddles at the side of the road smirking over some obscure musical reference we went down the neglected pathway of rock orchestration. Standing on the shoulders of giants, Tony Visconti, Dee Palmer, Nicky Harrison, Mick Ronson and others, we strode on...(it was fun too).




A second Judy Dyble collaboration with its usual mixture of stellar contributors is in the pipe-line. It mostly features the same musicians who played on Inside the Whale. Tentatively called Flow and Change. More later


Judy Dyble proclaims! 'Well now. It was a Grey October Day here this morning so it seems a good day to tell you that the song will be available as a digital single on iTunes on 31st October 2011. There are four versions — the album track, the radio edit, and two remixed versions. Just for fun." Judy Dyble and Tim Bowness featuring The Curator! Available here

Lindsey Mackie, who sang wonderfully on my album Sometime Soon has released her new solo album Plaques and Tangles She says of the album, Plaques and Tangles are the corrupted proteins found in the brains of people with Alzheimer, disease. Since working with sufferers of schizophrenia A my twenties, I have long had a heart for those with such diseases and in Kite, the heartsong of the album, I wanted to engage all our compassion and understanding.

The idea seemed apt in other ways...we all spend so much energy evolving versions of ourselves until the layers just get knotted and confused and it, only when a crisis unravels us that We re-discover who we once were and stop attaching importance to the ephemeral. In their different ways, the songs are calls to action - to be bold and true to all you love and have faith in. The album is available here and I have no hesitation in recommending it

I am well into writing and recording my next album. It builds on the ideas of Sometime Soon. Steve Bingham has introduced me to an arranger, Phil Toms who is in the process of creating orchestral arrangements for the album. It will feature Pat Mastelotto on Drums and Percussion, Mark Fletcher on Bass and Steve Bingham on Violin and Viola. As always there will be other guest musicians including Diana Hare and Harry Fletcher as well as various orchestral players. It will probably feature 6 songs. One of which, provisionally called Inside The Whale, runs to about 20 minutes.


Sometime Soon - The new album, featuring Mark Fletcher, Steve Bingham, Laurie A'Court, Diana Hare, Lindsey Mackie, Jeremy Salmon, Judy Dyble, Julianne Regan, Pat Mastelotto. Click here for details and lyrics. CD available here.

The May 2011 edition of Classic Rock Presents Prog features 3 songs on two CDs which I have been involved with, The Leaves Come Down from Sometime Soon and two tracks from Talking With Strangers, Harpsong and Jazzbirds.

Fragile by Judy Dyble - an EP made up of three tracks that were recorded during the Talking With Strangers sessions featuring Judy Dyble, Tim Bowness, Alistair Murphy (and his kitchen sink), Mark Fletcher, Sand Snowman Rachel Hall, Jeremy Salmon and some Norfolk wildlife.

Reviews of Sometime Soon

At 50, Alistair Murphy's long-incubating musical dreams come to life in a grand folk/prog concept - Gavin Martin Daily Mirror

This stunning testament to a bold creative imagination - Catherine Yates

Classic Rock Prog A suite of songs, the ripples of each bouncing in a welter of careful, but innovative arrangements - Jeannette Leach, Shindig

A unique vision that you take on its terms alone - The Terrascope

Indulgent toss - Ed Jupp, Is This Music? Feb 2011

Postcards from Space A collaboration between Alistair Murphy & To Bowness of No-man. Two downloads available at burning shed. The first piece is available for £1.50, the second is free!

Factory Day, is a 25 minute improvised piece. Recorded live during a support to The Durutti Column in June 2006, this marked the first time Tm Bowness (vocals, vocal loops), Alistair Murphy (organ, analogue synth) and Andy Butler (guitar, guitar loops) had played together as a Mo. Echoes of early Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream and Ashra creep into a digital-age loop experience. Available for download here.

Everything You're Not is a random example of the songs written by Tim Bowness and Alistair Murphy/The Curator between 2006 and 2010, it is scheduled to appear on Postcards From Space's debut album sometime in 2011. A Bowness song put through The Curator's demented 'arrangement mangle', the piece features some flamboyant piano (the ghost of Liberace) and atypical backing vocals from Tim, and evokes aspects of early 1970s David Bowie (Space Oddity / Aladdin Sane) and the more acoustic To Bowness solo work. Available for free download here.

In February 2010 I joined Judy Dyble, Tim Bowness, Ketil Einarsen, Svein Magnus Furu and Ellen Andrea Wang for a performance of Grey October Day on Norwegian Breakfast TV. Here

Talking with Strangers by Judy Dyble, co-produced, co-written and performed by Judy, Tim Bowness and myself. It features, amongst others, Ian McDonald, Robert Fripp and Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson), Simon Nicol (Fairport Convention), Julianne Regan (All About Eve) Jacqui McShee (Pentangle) and Celia Humphris (Trees). It also features people that I have worked with before, Mark Fletcher, Jeremy Salmon, Laurie A'Court, Harry Fletcher and Rachel Hall. It is available for purchase here.

A very complimentary review on the BBC website by Sid Smith here.

My last album, Passing... is now available for purchase as a download here .

The new album by No-Man Schoolyard Ghosts which is released in May 2008 features a song co-written by the band and myself, Song of Surf. This song first saw the light of day in the sessions between Tim and me over the last couple of years. On YouTube here.