Living Space

The Curator

All songs written by Alistair Murphy

Recorded, arranged, and produced by The Curator
Steve, Mark, and Ian recorded their
Violins and Violas, Basses, and Drums respectively
Sleeve Design: Dee Anaïs Graphics
Mastering: Jacob Holm-Lupo at Dude Ranch Studio

Thanks to Jez Salmon, Mark Fletcher, Ian Burrage, Steve Bingham,
Brian Gulland and Chris Lee
Thanks also to Chris Carr, Chris O, Tim Bowness, and Burning Shed

A Cromerzone Production
© 2023


Mark: Shuker Bass, Electric Upright Bass
Steve: Violin, Viola
Chris: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Alistair: Grand Piano, Wasp Synthesiser, Mellotron, Theremin, Found Sounds



I'm standing at the door, standing where the world comes in
If I close my eyes, I can see the way ahead
We've stood upon the moon, waiting by the open door
Looked up at the stars and traced them in their paths
I will draw a line across the sky, from Orion to Gemini and then
When I know the way I must go, I will take it
Although my feet will tire me, all the powers deny me
For should I lay me down to die?

I remember as a boy when hope was enough to live upon
Every point of light was a harbour for the mind
I stayed up late one night and watched them as they walked upon
The barren disc of light that hung upon the sky
Polaris hangs high above my head
Will do so when I'm dead and gone
If we are to live we must search and must find out
If we stand alone here, frozen in our fear
Why would I lay me down to die?

Ian: Drums & Percussion
Mark: Wal Fretless Bass, Electric Upright Bass
Steve: Violin, Viola
Chris: Flugelhorn
Alistair: Lead, Synthesised and Electric Guitar, Korg BX3 Organ
Grand Piano, Wasp Synthesiser, Roland 700sx, Mellotron, Vocals


We had planned to spend time
Where the mountains go down to the sea
By earthlight, and by night
On the dusty shores of Serenity
Space only knows where she goes I will go
I should be where she chooses to be
She hopes to find that ship in the night
That takes her from Farside City Three

In the quiet of the night
i've walked in the shade of the tree
And the dark of the park
Has told me the way things should be
Space only cares if I'm left to despair
I'll be left like a creature at sea
Like a bone that was dry beneath the pitiless sky
Kilometres from Farside City Three

If you say that you need me
If you say you want more than you have
If you try, you might lead me
But sooner or later, we would part

I will stay by her side through day and by night
I will go to the edge of these lands
But the day will come soon when she goes from the Moon
And leaves with a wave of her hand
Space only knows if I could I would go
I would give what was needed of me
But my home is a pressurised dome
In the centre of Farside City Three

But you say that you need me
And you say you want more than you have
You could try, you could lead me
But sooner or later, we would part

Ian: Drums & Percussion
Mark: Shuker Bass, Vocals
Jez: Electric guitar
Steve: Violin
Chris: Trumpet
Alistair: Lead, 12 String and Electric Guitars, Korg BX3 organ, Korg MS20 Synth Bass, Wasp Synthesiser, Roland 700sx, Mellotron, Vocals



It will come about this way
An urge for something far away
A deep desire for another world
I know, what I want to be, what I want to see
The way it has to be

Scattered far away from home
The wildest seeds of all have sown
On barren soils far away from warmth
I know it is further still, further out and even further on
For other worlds about another sun

Many years from now I know
Long before the journey's half way through
Before a harbour's lost and gained
At night, when the skies are clear, I will take the air
Full of hope and full of fear

Past the planets of our youth
The clouds of Venus and the blue of Earth
Past the asteroids and the broken ring
To fly through the emptiness
All in readiness for the loneliness

It has come about this way
All to gain and nothing left to say
The urge to reach out for the Galaxy
I stand in a crowded street, jostled by those I meet
Trampled down by a million feet

Mark: Vocals
Jez: Cymbals
Steve: Violin, Viola
Brian: Oboe
Alistair: Fretless Bass, Wurlitzer EP200a, Crumar Stringman, Drum Programming, Grand Piano, Roland 700sx, Mellotron, Stylophone, Dying Cow Trumpet, Dianatron, Vocals



Soon I will be, cast in motion on this darkest of seas
The sea lanes quiet and empty, empty save me
And if I close my eyes then I'll be free
Totally closed, the world I live in's bright and totally closed
Looking up at screens set in orderly rows
And when I speak aloud I sometimes hear
Hear myself speaking through the warm peaceful air
If I didn't hear the sound
I wouldn't believe I was really here
Wouldn't believe I word that they told us here

All I perceive, every light and dial and screen, I perceive
May be all that I will ever receive
No message from the dark that holds my way
If there was more, if there was a reason
To believe there was more
A target grander than this brightening star
Could I hold that secret in my heart?
Hold it where it shone and bathed me with light
So I would know a reason for this glow of delight
As if I'd ever know what lay beyond the encircling night

Ian: Drums & Percussion
Mark: Shuker Bass
Jez: Electric Guitar
Steve: Violin, Viola
Alistair: Fretless Bass, Electric and Slide Guitar, Korg BX3 organ, Wurlitzer EP200a, Mandolin, Organ, Mellotron, Stylophone, Vocals


For many years we've been aware
The light that marks the star we seek
We've crossed the comet’s icy layer
Falling, ever falling down in its grasp
Searching for home
We're searching for home

We've fallen in past barren worlds
Gas giants hung in rings of ice
Satellites in frozen space
Falling, ever falling down, in its grasp
Searching for home
We're searching for home

Against the solar wind that blows
Falling down against the storm
The wind our fathers’ fathers knew
Calling, ever calling out from the fire
Bear windward for home
Bearing windward for home

Ian: Drums & Percussion
Mark: Shuker Bass, Electric Upright Bass, Vocals
Steve: Violin, Viola
Chris: Trumpet
Alistair: Electric Guitar, Wurlitzer EP200a, Acoustic and Lead Guitar, Organ, Korg, MS20, Roland 700sx, Vocals


Mark: Upright Bass
Jez: Lead and Swell Guitar, Cymbals
Steve: Violin, Viola
Brian: Bassoon, Oboe
Chris: Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Alistair: Grand Piano, Organ, Wasp Synthesiser, Roland 700sx, Mellotron, Drum Construction


I dream of his face, old and frozen in the reaches of space
Looking back it's hard to picture those wastes
Standing on a world as fresh as the dawn
His only grandson waiting from the moment he was born
I'll turn my back on the void
Through which we've all been drawn
The void that called our grandfathers out into its own

Sun rise, lights up the land
New Earth, flexes its hand

The sun, the sky, the mountains
Rise above the world that comes into view
New lands spreading outwards
Earth and air and fire
The deep endless sea

Light grows wind blows
Dawn shows all the land

It's growing light and so much warmer
We feel the life in every quarter
The wind that blows from every corner
We feel it now

News flies, hurries away
On light, it travels away

News from different quarters
We’re flying with the breeze, the harbour to gain
On the crest of morning
The light, the darkness, and the sun after rain

More than stars lie in this life we have

More than families are parted
For all the stars that lie uncharted
In this life that lies unstarted
But now begins

And when it calls, it calls us all
From out of our coffins, and there all confining walls
And in time we will remember
The day of our planet fall

Ian: Drums & Percussion
Mark: Shuker Bass, Wal Fretless Bass, Electric Upright Bass, Vocals
Jez: Lead and Swell Guitar
Steve: Violin, Viola
Brian: Recorders, Bassoon, Fuzz Bassoon
Chris: Trumpet
Alistair: Electric Guitar, Korg BX3 Organ, Wurlitzer EP200a, Grand Piano, Organ, Acoustic, Classical and Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Hammered Dulcimer, Roland 700sx, Mellotron, Vocals



I look into the children's eyes
Tell them stories told to me
And in their day, they'll realise
Why we, somedays look up and close our eyes
Dreaming of home
We're dreaming of home

Maybe as it's been it will be, may be it’ll be that way
Looking ever up and outwards, vain hopes of holding sway
The reich and the ruin, the rumour of war
A flavour of musk that hangs in the air
The lost and the found, the bruised and the sore
Crouched down in the glare

Ever reaching out and onwards, evolution's tireless plan
With the universe expanding, we’re stretching out our hand
The light and the dark, the night and the day
The earth and the moon, the sea and sky
A sign in the stars, pointing the way
We’ll fall but we’ll fly

I’m walking through this world but dreaming of the Universe
And all that I can see, I will hold within my arms
From the surface of the Earth, to the centre of the Galaxy
And outwards to its rim, into eternity
If I choose to wish upon a star
To place my faith upon its light
And when dawn arrives I will walk from my doorway,
Knowing as I do so
All that may ensue
For now I'll lay me down to die

Ian: Drums & Percussion
Mark: Shuker Bass, Electric Upright Bass, Vocals
Steve: Violin, Viola
Chris: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Alistair: Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Korg BX3 Organ, Wurlitzer EP200a
Acoustic, Electric and Slide Guitar, Grand Piano, Organ, Mellotron, Roland 700sx, Vocals

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